Traffic Light Controller

Traffic Light Controller

The Titan Traffic Light Controller is the control unit used in a Mernok Elektronik filight system. The Traffic Light Controller in cooperation with vehicle readers (Pulse300) and traffic lights (FLOW1xx) can be used to improve traffic flow and logistics by detecting vehicles and pedestrians inside the system and respond accordingly.

AC and DC variants of the product exist to accommodate installation requirements.

What is included


Voltage Range9 – 36Vdc or 100-260Vac
Power consumption< 50W
Operating temperature0 - 50°C
Wired interfaces2 x Isolated CAN busses
1 x USB
1 x UART
6 x Isolated inputs
3 x Current controlled outputs
Functional expandability4 x Titan expansion sockets


  • Surface and underground traffic light systems
  • Works with the following vehicle management and PDS solutions:
    – MaxusX
    – Commander1xx
    – Commander2xx
  • Typical system layouts:
    – Pedestrian crossing
    – Vehicle intersections
    – Vehicle and rail bound intersections
    – Rail bound cross-cuts and bends


  • Commander1xx is used in a lockable enclosure
  • Simple user interface with a 4.3” colour LCD and four vandal proof buttons
  • LCD display with simple user interface for fault finding and maintenance
  • Fault finding and maintenance information can be viewed on the screen.
  • LED status lights on traffic light controller enclosure for quick system analysis
  • In field firmware updates
  • Data logging of events
  • Rugged design with IP67 enclosure
  • Two CAN busses each with 1 km range (maximum 2km range when used together)
  • Configurable for different layouts
  • Fail to safe if communication is lost between the Traffic Light Controller and a device in the network.
  • Able to operate with a single Pulse300 mounted on a vehicle