Titan Pulse500

Titan Pulse500

The Titan Pulse500 is a transponder which emits a magnetic field that can be interpreted by other Mernok Elektronik proximity detection devices within range. The system allows accurate proximity sensing of up to 20m from a vehicle for point to point detection of pedestrians and other vehicles, with an accuracy of 1m. Depending on the requirements and size of the vehicle, multiple units can be connected to give a better detection area around a vehicle.

The Pulse500 unit uses CAN bus communication, providing robust communication between devices and allowing dynamic configuration of these devices.

What is included


Input voltage9 – 32 Vdc (nominal voltage - 24V)
CommunicationActive RFID (433.92MHz)
RFID (13.5MHz) Configuration reader
LF (125kHz)
Operating Temperature0 to 50°C


  • Vehicle to pedestrian detection
  • Vehicle to vehicle detection
  • Vehicle to hazard detection
  • Exclusion zone generation


  • LF technology allows accurate short-range detection
  • Unique identifier
  • Multiple units allow for directional threat detection
  • Up to 20m vehicle and pedestrian detection
  • Accurate up to 1m
  • Easily configured with Titan Discovery
  • Can be configured as any vehicle type or static hazzard
  • Higher frequency ensures small size
  • LF penetrates most obstacles