Titan Maxicon1xx

Titan Maxicon1xx

Underground rail bound equipment are mostly battery powered. The voltages of these batteries are too high for the intelligent control and proximity detection systems. The Titan Maxicon1xx provides the solution by supplying an isolated 12Vdc or 24Vdc output from a wide DC input range. These devices have a maximum output power rating of 400W but can be connected in parallel to increase the output power.

What is included


  • Wide input voltage range
  • DC isolated power supply
  • Up to 90% efficient
  • High operating temperatures
  • Single-wire parallelling (only one wire is needed between the devices for higher power)
  • Input under voltage lockout
  • Output over voltage protection
  • Over temperature shutdown
  • 3,000VAC isolation


Input Voltage66-154Vdc
Output voltage12/24Vdc
Output power400W
Temperature range–10 to 80°C