Titan FLOW1xx

Titan FLOW1xx

The Titan FLOW1xx is a traffic light solution designed for the mining environment. The FLOW1xx can be a single, double or bi-directional light and operate in different colours. AC and DC variants of the product exist to accommodate installation requirements.

What is included


Voltage range9 – 36Vdc or 90-260Vac
Power consumption< 50W
Operating temperature0 - 50°C
Wired interfaces1 x CAN bus
4 x Isolated inputs
3 x outputs
2 x Relay outputs
Functional expandability< 2.5 hours
Operating temperature4 x Titan expansion sockets


  • Visual warning indication in the following systems:
    – Traffic light system
    – Tag test station
    – Vehicle test station
  • A siren can be connected onto the FLOW1xx for audible feedback


  • Three different light layouts: Single, double or bi-directional
  • CAN bus controlled light
  • Fail to safe state if no communication received
  • Colour can be changed as required
  • Brightness levels are adjustable
  • In field firmware updates
  • Roof, wall or pole mounting option