Vehicle management systems

Mernok Elektronik offers three vehicle management systems. MaxusX and Commander2xx offer complete underground rail bound safety solutions and Commander1xx is a system dedicated for trackless vehicles.

We control trains fitted with Battery Electric controllers. Full control is available for the following applications:

  • New era (locomotive and guard car (caboose))
  • Tandem
  • Monorail

These systems were developed specifically for mining applications and includes all the functions required to safely operate underground locomotives in different configurations. The intended purpose is to improve safety and simplify operation. Having a single control unit that handles all the safety and control requirements of the train improves reliability and simplifies fault finding for maintenance personnel.

The products are highly configurable to ensure that we cater for different client requirements by simply setting parameters as required. Data is continuously sent to a central database for automated reporting. Reports can be used to monitor fleet performance and assist with incident investigation. Please refer to our intelligent reporting services for more information.

The systems are upgradable and modular to ensure longevity as technology evolves.

The Commander2xx range can be fitted on all types of vehicles and offers display and monitoring of vehicle information like speed, engine RPM, engine coolant temperature etc. Information can be sent to a server for reporting. Vehicle integration is done with an isolated CAN bus. Cameras can be installed on the vehicle and the Commander2xx can display one or multiple of the cameras dependant on defined scenarios, for example a reverse camera activated only when reversing.

The Commander1xx range can be fitted on trackless machines as a more cost-effective management system that offers most of the features of a Commandere2xx system barring camera interfacing.

With more than two thousand vehicles fitted across multiple large mining groups, these systems have a proven track record in terms of function and reliability.

Available management systems:

  • Commander1xx range can be fitted on trackless mobile machines
  • MaxusX is dedicated for rail bound equipment
  • Commander2xx range can be fitted on all vehicle types.


  • Fail to safe remote control from guard car or handheld for rail bound equipment.
  • Proximity detection (Collision avoidance) – please see our PDS section for more detail:
    • Vehicle to vehicle
    • Vehicle to pedestrian
    • Vehicle to static hazard
    • Vehicle to Rail bound equipment
    • Rail bound equipment to Rail bound equipment
  • Safety interlocks (Door switches, dead man switch, seat switches etc.)
  • Operator license management
  • Speed monitoring with configurable zones
  • Configurable pre-use tests
  • Automated light switching
  • Automated static brake test
  • Automated dynamic brake test
  • Data logging
  • Wi-Fi for reporting
  • Service counters
  • Utilisation counters
  • Pull away siren
  • Reverse siren
  • In field firmware updates