Underground Traffic Control Systems

Traffic light systems are typically used in congested areas to improve safety by controlling the flow of vehicles. Mernok Elektronik Traffic light control systems can be used to improve efficiency and safety in the mining industry. By implementing an intelligent traffic light system, one can manage the flow of vehicles to relief congestion as well as provide additional safety for vehicles and personnel.

Mernok Elektronik Traffic light systems can be installed, underground or on a surface, at pedestrian crossings, vehicle intersections, vehicle and rail-bound intersections, rail-bound cross-cuts and bends to improve safety where visibility or congestion is a concern.

Traffic lights are installed at the entrances of the area to be managed and readers are fitted at fixed intervals throughout the whole section. Vehicles and pedestrians are equipped with transponders. It is important to note that vehicles already fitted with a Mernok Elektronik proximity detection system requires no additional hardware. A single traffic light controller can control systems up to 2km in length.

The controller gets information from the readers about equipped vehicles and pedestrians within the covered area and implements right of way control according to client requirements. Traffic lights (Flow1xx units) are installed at the entry and exit points and are controlled according to operational rules. If for example multiple vehicles approach the equipped area simultaneously priority can be given to larger vehicles or vehicles with longer braking distances. Depending on client needs only single vehicles can be allowed in a section or multiple vehicles entering at the same entry point.

What makes the system unique is the fact that not only does the system give visual feedback by means of the traffic light colour, it sends information about the status of an entry point to the vehicle operator if the vehicle is equipped with a Mernok Elektronik proximity detection system. If vehicle intervention is available, the vehicle can be slowed down or even stopped if it does not have right of way.

Data is sent to a central server for reporting purposes. When connected to a network the status of the system and information about equipped vehicles and pedestrians can be viewed remotely using Command Suite.

A basic system comprises of

  • A control unit
    • • Traffic light control unit
  • Traffic lights
    We offer a range of traffic lights in different configurations and configurable colours

    • • Flow100
    • • Flow100
    • • Flow101
    • • Flow102
    • • Flow103
    • • Flow104
    • • Flow105
  • Readers
    • • Pulse300
  • Vehicle transponders
    • • Pulse300
    • • Pulse500
  • Personnel transponders
    • • Pulse110
    • • Pulse111
    • • Pulse120
  • Cabling
    • • Power and data combined CAN bus
  • Can be used for trains, trackless machines and pedestrians.
  • Based on Mernok Elektronik’s proven proximity detection technology
  • Configurable right of way priorities
  • Fail to safe design
  • Up to 40 traffic lights can be connected in one system
  • Visual feedback to operators
  • Visual and audible feedback to pedestrians
  • Custom and configurable layout options tailored for each site
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain