Intelligent Reporting Services

The collection and analysis of data is a critical tool in modern mining to better understand operations and improve efficiency and safety. It is also one of the first steps required for the imminent way forward of automation.

Reporting of data for Mernok Elektronik products is done through Command Suite. Command Suite is a complete client solution from gathering and centralisation of fleet (vehicle and asset) data, to automated emailing of specific reports to clients for analysis. The analysis and feedback reports can assist with profiling of operator behaviour and determining equipment utilisation.

Command Suite can be hosted on a client server or a virtual cloud server. A simple dashboard easily navigates the user to the required information. We offer remote support as well as on site support.

Command Suite is compatible with these MERNOK ELEKTRONIK systems:

  • Maxus rail bound management system
  • MaxusX Rail bound management system
  • Titan Commander2xx management system
  • Titan Commander1xx proximity detection system
  • Titan traffic light control system

Command Suite consist typically of 4 sub-system segments:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Server application
  • Microsoft SQL database
  • Web based report infrastructure

An extensive variety of reports are available. New types of reports are continuously created and are available to all customers with an up to date subscription.

Listed below are some of the more popular reports.

  • Summary report
    – Highlights event counts of a management system running on a site, example: the amount of emergency stops invoked by an operator
  • License card report
    – A list of all licenses used on a site over a selected time period
  • Vehicle proximity detection report
    – All collision events detected by a vehicle and a graphical representation of the most dangerous areas around the vehicle
  • Vehicle proximity detection map (Surface only)
    – A detailed map of the travelling history of a vehicle and the interaction with other vehicles and possible collision events
  • Brake test report
    – A list of brake test results for a specific vehicle
  • System health report
    – An overview of the data connection status of all management systems on a site
  • Movement report
    – A graphical representation of locomotive motor current and voltage vs throttle movement throughout operation.
  • Battery report
    – A graphical representation of battery voltage levels and internal supply levels for a specific locomotive over time.
  • Parameter change report
    – A list of all parameter changes made on a management system and the details of the person that made the changes
  • Infringement report
    – A list of users that violate a specific event as well as the vehicle used, example: over speeding by operators
  • Vehicle behaviour report
    – A list of vehicles for which a certain event has occurred, example: vehicles that are overdue for service
  • Utilisation report
    – An overview of the utilization of vehicles on a site for a selected period.


  • Gather vehicle and asset data to a centralised database
  • Monitor vehicle health and operator behaviour
  • Generate reports on:
    • – Vehicle performance
    • – Proximity detection
    • – Operator behaviour
    • – Vehicle utilisation
    • – Operator utilisation
    • – Vehicle health
    • – Traffic light system status
  • Automated report distribution that automatically email specific reports to specified personnel
  • Once-off and subscription options are available.