MaxusX Handheld

MaxusX Handheld

The MaxusX Handheld is a battery powered handheld device that interacts remotely with Mernok Elektronik vehicle management system. The device recharges quickly to ensure minimum downtime. The MaxusX Handheld is used to either remotely control a locomotive or to give instruction to the operator.

What is included


Battery voltage (internal)7.4V Li-Ion @ 1800mAh
Battery Life (normal operation)>8 Hours
Charge voltage range12 – 32Vdc
Power consumption< 5W
Charge time< 2.5 hours
Operating temperature0 - 50°C


  • Surface and underground locomotives with the following:
    – Maxus
    – MaxusX
  • Different modes available:
    – Digital Guard Control (DGC) mode
    – Control mode


  • Battery powered
  • Compatible with the whole TITAN expansion module range and Discovery for configuration.
  • Tilt detection ensures that unit turns off when not being used
  • Configurable tilt angles and sensitivity
  • Buzzer and vibration motor for operator awareness in the event of a warning.
  • E-stop latch safety protocol ensures that the operator clears E-stop command before continuing operation
  • Digital Guard Control (DGC) mode – handheld operator gives instruction to vehicle operator
  • Control mode – handheld operator can control the vehicle without vehicle operator feedback
  • Deadman switch must be pushed to operate the handheld
  • Dimmable RGB LEDs used for visual indication
  • Vandal proof interface buttons
  • Interfaces docking plate for easy charging
  • In field firmware updates
  • Automated power-down to save battery life and increase remote operation time