Electra Mining Africa 2014

Electra Mining Africa 2014

Since our establishment in 2008 Mernok Elektronik has quickly become a well-known design and manufacturing brand for innovative and reliable solutions in different sectors. One of our key sectors however is safety and control equipment for the mining industry. We will be joining about 800 other exhibitors to showcase our products at the Electra mining show at Nasrec from 15 to 19 September 2014.

I am really excited about this as the products we will be showcasing are ground-breaking and brings together state of the art technology implemented in practical and reliable ways! We will be sending official invitations to each of our clients shortly, for now we’d like to just ask you to save the date and try to make some time to visit the show and more specifically our stand. We will be showing off our latest range of systems which will be unveiled for the first time to anyone other than our employees. I will be sending regular updates on the systems before the show, these will be short articles giving you some detail of the systems but to really see what it is all about you will have to visit our stand!

We will have actual products at the stand and will be able to demonstrate the technologies! Further to that we will also have a custom designed animation that we will be able demonstrate the products on a system level to clarify any questions you might have!

In a nutshell we will be displaying the following at our stand:

  1. Mining vehicle management systems with focus on
    • Fleet monitoring
    • Pedestrian tracking
    • Traffic control
  2. Logistic management systems with focus on
    • Collision avoidance between vehicles (Rail bound and trackless)
    • Pedestrian safety around mining vehicles (Rail bound and trackless)
  3. Our capability to develop great products using the latest technology and always delivering reliable, innovative and robust solutions.

I’m also really excited that we will be introducing the TITAN range of products which include:

  • TITAN Commander
    – Vehicle management systems and high end HMI’s
  • TITAN Discovery
    – Configuration and testing tool
  • TITAN Vision
    Proximity detection family of systems with the goal of minimizing vehicle collisions and pedestrian injuries due to vehicles
    – TITAN Cam (Camera system)
    – TITAN PULSE (Range of tags for pedestrians and vehicles with accurate distance measurement between vehicles and pedestrians)
    – TITAN POD (Accurate ranging system between vehicles)
  • TITAN Loginet
    – Network infrastructure system to assist in fleet management and pedestrian tracking
  • TITAN Powerpro
    – Power monitoring systems, well suited for battery monitoring on traction batteries.
  • TITAN LightPro
    – TITAN Flow (Intelligent traffic light for mining applications)
    – TITAN LightBar (Range of status indication LED lights for vehicles)

Myself and Robert Shaw will be at the stand for the whole duration of the show and we will be able to handle all your queries and questions on site. So please visit us so we can show you some of our best work yet!!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Schalk Janse van Rensburg